About The National Debonaires

The National Debonaires were formed in 2007, originally based out of Kansas City. Steve Gerard now lives in Calgary, and Elmo lives in Missoula, Montana. The band has released three albums, including "New Sounds from Kansas City (2007), "Words are Like Bullets" (2009), and Voodoo Workin' (2011). Now based in Calgary, The National Debonaires band works throughout Canada with Brian McCullough on vocals and keys, Bill Price on bass, Mike Woodford on drums and Steve on guitar. Elmo will still perform with The National Debonaires when logistics and economics allow.

The Band

Blues Roots Hillbilly R 'n R
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Steve Gerard

Formed The National Debonaires in 2007 along with Dave “Elmo” Bailey.
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Mo is a world-class blues shouter in the style of Barkin’ Bill Smith.
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Mike Woodford

Mike comes from a long blues and R&B background in Canada & the US.
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Bill Price

Bill is a top-call player in the Calgary blues scene.
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Brian McCullough

As well as handling keys in the band. Brian is an accomplished guitarist and bassist.
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Sadly, vocalist James Grey died in 2016. We miss him every day and while we will always wish for more time, we are thankful for his sharing his brilliant gift of music with us on the Voodoo Workin’ album.